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Some Trending Kitchen Supplies in Christchurch & Their Benefits

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The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s a room that gets a lot of use, so it’s important to find durable and reliable supplies. If you’re looking for the latest trending kitchen supplies in Christchurch, then look no further! This article will overview some of the most popular new items on the market today.

Xtrema ceramic cookware

Ceramic cookware is the latest trend in kitchen items, and it’s easy to see why. These pots, pans, and other cookware pieces are:

  • It is non-stick. Ceramic dishes don’t require butter or oil to prevent food from sticking.
  • Cleaning these products after cooking is simple because you can toss them into your dishwasher for an effortless clean.
  • Ceramic cookware is oven safe. It means you can use ceramic pots and pans on both the stovetop.
  • It is also heat resistant. This item will hold up well even when subjected to high heat temperatures. It makes it a great choice for cooking dishes that require boiling or searing over high heat levels for long periods without damaging your cookware set!

Cast iron cookware

Cast iron cookware is also one of the trending Kitchen Supplies in Christchurch. It is a great alternative to non-stick cookware. Cast iron is durable and can last for years, which is why it has been around since the 1400s.

  • It’s also easy to care for; you only need to clean it with hot water and soap or scrub it if you’re lazy.
  • Cast iron cookware is used on any heat source – electric, gas, or induction – which makes them versatile enough for any kitchen!
  • You don’t have to worry about damaging your cast iron pans if you use them on any heat source either; they are very durable and will withstand high temperatures without getting damaged!
  • Cast iron pans are inexpensive; most cost under NZD 50 (approximately USD 32). Unfortunately, many people think buying cheaper cookware means sacrificing quality, but this isn’t true when it comes to casting iron pans because they’re so durable that even if they break down over time due to years of use, they’ll still work just as well as brand new ones would.

Stainless Steel Cookware

Stainless steel cookware is durable and easy to clean. In addition, it’s a good conductor of heat, so your food will cook evenly. There are some key things you should know about stainless steel cookware:

  • It isn’t anodized (or coated with another metal). Anodizing is when the surface of a metal is protected by applying a thin layer from another material like aluminum or ceramics, so it doesn’t react with acidic foods like tomatoes or lemons. 
  • It isn’t magnetic either; this might sound like a disadvantage at first glance since magnets are such useful tools when cooking, but there are quite a few benefits associated with non-magnetic metals, such as zinc alloys used in most common types of non-stick coating applied onto surfaces throughout kitchen appliances today!

Pressure cookers

A pressure cooker is the best addition to any kitchen as it can cook food quickly with less water.

  • Pressure cookers can be used for almost any type of cooking – from steaming vegetables, making soups and stocks, to cooking tough cuts of meat or even large meals. 
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Smart Oven

One of the latest trends in Christchurch is a device called a “smart oven.” Although it can be used as an oven, it’s intended to be more than just that. The smart oven comes with an app and can connect to other apps on your phone or tablet.

  • It allows you to control how long your food cooks and how much heat gets put out by the oven. You can even set timers, so you don’t overcook anything!
  • Another benefit of this type of device over traditional ones would be its ability to save energy costs when running all day long throughout the winter months, where heating bills are highest due to colder temperatures outside, causing condensation inside buildings.


In conclusion, kitchen supplies in Christchurch are essential for any home. If you are looking for some new ones or want to upgrade your old ones, then consider the trends we’ve discussed above. They can help make your kitchen run more smoothly and last longer!

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