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5 Reasons You’ll Want Artificial Grass for Your Playground

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The playground is the most important part of a child’s home. Most of their time will be spent outside, exploring imaginary worlds or playing games. It’s important to create a space where children can freely play. Artificial turf offers the best solution for creating a playground at home. It is durable and looks as good as natural grass. Playground Turf has been designed to meet the needs of both parents and children. Parents will appreciate the fact that synthetic turf is safe for their children. Learn how playground turf benefits your family.

Extra Protective Padding

Running, skidding, and jumping across the grass are all part of playtime. The playground becomes a place where children can explore their imaginations. Parents are concerned about their children’s safety.

Falling is the most common cause of non-fatal injuries in children, leading to expensive ER visits. Playground Turf is a safer alternative to wood chips, rubber padding, and other playground staples.

The soft texture of synthetic turf cushions children from falls. During installation, an extra layer of safety can be added, such as foam padding. Children can roll and tumble without worrying about bruising their knees or getting grass stains.

Improved Stability

Slipperiness is a major factor in falls. Rainstorms can make playgrounds slippery, increasing the likelihood of accidents and muddy clothing. Artificial grass products can solve these issues through their superior design.

All synthetic grass systems have efficient drainage systems that allow water to flow through and into the compacted earth beneath, preventing puddles. Water-repellent synthetic turf fibers promote a stable landscape.

Installers use high-quality infill for every playground installation to increase ballast and traction. Installing artificial grass to reduce the risk of falls and injuries.

Eliminate Allergic Reactions

One in five children suffers from allergies. Install playground turf to minimize allergies on your lawn. This will make your child more comfortable during playtime.

Installing synthetic grass with a weed barrier prevents weeds from invading the lawn and reduces pollen levels in your landscape. Children and parents who suffer from seasonal allergies can now enjoy their backyards with more ease.

Some installers offer premium weed barriers that we can install on residential lawn and playground grass to ensure maximum comfort for Orange County residents.

Non-toxic Manufacturing

Your home should be a safe haven for your family. Your lawn is an extension of your home, which means your children need to be safe when playing on their outdoor oasis.

All artificial grass products have been tested and are lead-free. It also guarantees that your playground turf will be installed without microplastics and crumb rubber.

Natural grass may appear to offer the same level of comfort, but it often requires pesticides or herbicides, which can accumulate around playgrounds. Synthetic grass does not need these chemicals to maintain its lush appearance and feel.

Install turf that is kid-friendly and manufactured to meet the highest standards of health and safety.

Maximum Durability

A playground must be durable to be a success. It must be able to endure years of vigorous play without noticeable deterioration. Playground turf has been designed to withstand the most energetic playtime adventures without losing its green appeal.

Artificial grass has a sturdy backing that holds turf fibers in place, whether you are running or skidding. Synthetic turf bounces back immediately, maintaining its cushioned texture and evergreen luxury.

Products with a polyethylene backing. This technology gives your landscape extra flexibility to adapt to weather changes without cracking. The added durability ensures that your playground will last for years.

Create Your Perfect Playground 

Artificial grass products including playground lawn, putting greens, commercial turf, and pet-friendly turf. We offer premium installation to ensure that your artificial turf blends seamlessly with the aesthetic of your home.

We can create the playground of your child’s dreams with our synthetic turf specialists! Parents will appreciate the extra protection and soft surface, while kids will enjoy it.

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