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Most Common Mistakes When Trying to Lose Weight

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Reducing your calorie intake and exercising regularly are the main points of competent weight loss. But it happens that the efforts consumed on losing weight are in no way compared with the results. 

In simple words, extra pounds do not go away as quickly as we would like. This is due to a number of mistakes that you may be making. They may seem quite insignificant, but it is better to avoid them.

Top Weight-Loss Mistakes

Here are some weight loss mistakes that may be slowing down your weight loss process.

Strict Diet

It would seem that it is enough just to choose a strict diet, and the weight will start to go away quickly. Nutritionists have a different opinion – the less high-calorie and inadequate your diet, the worse will be the results.

Any strict diet is risky for two reasons. First, the diet is far from ideal, as it will most likely be missing important nutrients. Secondly, an inadequate menu significantly increases the chances of disrupting the diet. And after fasting, overeating is inevitable, which will quickly return the lost weight with a couple of extra pounds.

Alcohol Abuse

In the process of losing weight, one of the biggest mistakes that people make is abusing alcoholic beverages. All weight loss efforts will go in vain if you do not avoid drinking alcohol. This is because alcohol abuse triggers hunger hormones and makes you crave fatty and oily meals.

Besides, excessive consumption of such toxic drinks is one of the biggest causes of illness in Pennsylvania, which has recently been declared as one of the heaviest drinking States. Thus, if you are also a resident of Pennsylvania (PA), you must get professional help immediately. Several detox programs in PA can help you quit alcohol and stay sober. By giving up alcohol addiction, you will notice an improvement in your health.

Eating Meat Every Day

Meat is healthy; you should not remove it from the diet, and it offers several benefits to your health. Eating meat dishes every day is not a good idea. According to surveys of 14,000 thousand people, the following conclusions were made. Among those who ate meat every day, there were 27% more cases of obesity. If you want to fasten the process, quit eating meat every day.

Fat-Free & Sugar-Free Products

Effective weight loss is, of course, the right diet without excess fat and sugar on the menu. But your menu doesn’t have to be all about foods labeled “sugar-free” and “fat-free.” Most often, these are just marketing tricks that do not accelerate the loss of excess weight but only slow it down. 

For example, skimmed milk has more fast carbohydrates than regular milk. And mostly artificial sweeteners are present in sugar-free products, and we all know their potential harm to our health.

Sweet Drinks

Not taking into account the calorie content of drinks when making a meal plan is a big mistake when losing weight. It means that even it would seem that you ate very little, the calorie content will be significantly exceeded if you drink alcohol.

Packaged juices and fruit drinks, tea and coffee with sugar, sodas – all this slows down the process of weight loss. This is the reason many sober celebrities also avoid such sugary drinks. According to them, it is much more useful to drink ordinary or mineral water or freshly prepared juices.

Skipping Meals

Proper nutrition is not only the presence of all important nutrients in the diet. The regularity of meals plays a special role. Excess weight will not go away as quickly as we would like if you periodically skip breakfast or lunch. This is the risk that you will move away from the intended menu and snack on something high-calorie. 

In addition, without the intake of nutrients from food, at least once every 4 hours, the metabolism slows down. It would definitely not help to lose weight. All balanced diets necessarily include 5 or 6 meals a day. This ensures that you are always full and full of energy for an active life.

Dinners In Restaurants

If you decide to lose weight, it is better to cook on your own. So you know exactly what ingredients specific dishes consist of and what is their final calorie content. Restaurants are a completely different matter! 

The composition of ingredients of the dish does not correspond to reality. And even if you order a diet salad or soup, most likely, you will still exceed the calorie corridor set for yourself. This may happen due to the method of heat treatment of products and sauces added by the chef.

Scientists have the following data on the dangers of restaurant food. The calorie content of the daily diet of those who have lunch or dinner every day in a restaurant is 200 kcal higher than the calorie content of those who eat homemade meals.

Minimum Carbohydrate In Menu

Now carbohydrate-free diets are quite popular. This is a menu in which there is a minimum or no products containing carbohydrates. Not receiving enough of this nutrient, the body begins to process body fat. Due to numerous disadvantages and contraindications, such diets are not beneficial for long-term use.

The lack of carbohydrates in the menu leads to poor health, lethargy, and depressed mood. If you plan to engage in sports and a diet actively, minimizing the number of carbohydrates in the diet is a big mistake. You will not have the strength to perform even the simplest exercises. Eat slow carbohydrates minimize the number of fast ones.

Little Time To Sleep

It may seem strange, but sleep for weight loss is no less important than the right diet. It’s time to get your daily routine back on track! It is believed that people who get enough sleep lose weight much faster. 

It is during sleep that the body produces certain types of hormones that are responsible for feeling full. In addition, a long calm sleep has a positive effect on the metabolic processes taking place in the body.


Now you know which mistakes you make that slow down your weight loss process. It will help you quit these mistakes!

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