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How to Extend Your Pool Season

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Tired of saying goodbye to your pool every summer? Want to extend the pool season a bit? You’re in luck. This article will cover some of the best methods to keep your swimming pool warm so you can continue to enjoy it well after closing time.

Bring the Heat

The key to enjoying your swimming pool all year round is maintaining and achieving the ideal water temperature. The most important thing to do is determine which heating method and location is right for your pool. Let’s explore the various ways to heat your pool, even when it’s cold.

Solar Heating

The most affordable and environmentally friendly way to heat your pool and extend your pool season is by using solar heat. Solar pool heating comes in three forms: liquid solar covers, solar covers with rings, and solar heaters. Each method uses the sun’s warmth to heat up your pool. However, their effectiveness varies.

Solar Covers

Solar pool covers are like giant bubble wrap sheets! However, it’s not a good idea to pop the bubbles on a solar cover because they serve an important purpose.

A solar cover acts as a barrier to the sun’s UV rays, preventing heat loss and conserving energy. The bubbles on the water’s surface absorb the sun’s rays, transferring the solar heat to the pool water and warming it by 10°F. Solar covers can work with heat pumps or heaters to reduce energy costs by retaining the warmth they produce.

Additionally, solar covers reduce water evaporation in pools by up to 95% since they block the sun from reaching the water. They come in various sizes and colors to suit different pool needs, and they are easy to remove with a roll. If you live in a warm, sunny area, solar pool covers are a cost-effective and simple way to maintain your pool at the right temperature.

Solar Rings

These large, round discs are made of UV-resistant vinyl and function similarly to solar covers. They absorb heat from sunlight while blocking harmful UV rays. The solar rings, with a diameter of 5 feet, are connected to each other by clips around the circumference. You can link as many solar rings as needed to cover your pool.

Liquid Solar Cover

This liquid chemical creates a thin, heat-trapping layer on top of the water in your pool, reducing evaporation. While a solar liquid cover may not be as effective as a solar cover, it can still cut evaporation by up to 50%. It’s also easy to use! Simply pour the recommended dosage into your pool skimmer every week for optimal results.


Installing an electric or gas heat pump will ensure that the water is kept at a comfortable temperature in the cooler months.

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