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Hiring an HOA Manager: Steps to Take and Qualifications to Look For

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HOA board members serve as volunteers. Although they can serve the board productively and successfully, sometimes, outside help may be necessary. Most HOAs benefit from hiring an HOA manager who can bring experience, expertise, knowledge, and skills to the table. However, not all HOA managers are the same. Because of this, you must do your due diligence, compare different providers, and ask the right questions before you make a choice. To make sure your HOA hires the best manager, learn more about the qualifications to look for below:

Choosing an HOA Manager

When it comes to hiring an HOA manager, there is a process to follow to make sure the board makes a wise choice.  First, your board can create a smaller committee that will handle the selection process, including the search for candidates. This committee can include some board members and community members. 

Before your board begins to search for possible candidates, they must know what to look for. Determine the services your HOA needs and your budget for management services. As you begin to consider management companies, it’s time to draft and send a request for proposals that details the particular services and benefits you expect and provides community specifications. 

Once you start getting proposals, these must be reviewed carefully based on the board’s bidding specifications. This can help you narrow the options down to a few providers. From there, you can start conducting interviews to ask questions about their experience, skills, and customer service. Once you choose a manager, get this in writing.

Well-managed communities tend to have higher property values. Hiring an accredited HOA management company can contribute to the overall well-being and attractiveness of the community, positively impacting property values.

When considering an HOA management company, it’s essential to research and verify their accreditation, understand the scope of services they offer, and assess their track record with other communities. Accreditation can be a valuable indicator of a company’s commitment to professionalism and excellence in community management.

Accredited companies may have access to a network of resources, including legal experts, accountants, and other professionals. This can be valuable in addressing complex issues that may arise in the management of an HOA.

Homeowners and stakeholders may have more confidence in an HOA management company that has achieved accreditation. It can serve as a mark of credibility and reliability.

What to Look For

When choosing an HOA manager, here are qualities you need to look for:

  • Education. A good HOA manager has subject-matter expertise that spans different areas such as insurance, budget, financial management, HOA law, and investment. You must look for a manager who is credentialed and licensed.
  • Experience. You want to hire an HOA manager with a proven track record, supported by years of experience providing effective HOA management. 
  • Client history. During interviews with candidates, ask for testimonials or reviews from their previous and current clients, together with references. Determine the manager’s customer service and satisfaction levels. 
  • Services they offer. Every HOA has unique needs. Perhaps your association needs help with maintaining the entire community, support with daily administration, or assistance with general financial management. Ask about the services a possible manager can offer to make sure they can offer the help your community needs.

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