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How to Keep Your catcool During summers

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Summers are known to be the most anticipated season of the year. The reason being the freedom from woolen and other heavy clothing for an individual. Daytime increases, as a result, cooler the weather in the morning. One of the most comfortable weathers of the season.

But as every rose has its thorns. Same case with summers. Though you are bound with so many benefits, yet the scorching heat can be severely harmful not only for you but for your feline friend as well. Below I have illustrated some key ways to keep your cats cool during harsh summers. Extra attention in summers is very important as having a temperature more than 105 degrees Fahrenheit may not be suitable for your feline friend. If the body temperature is not brought down quicker then it can lead to several organ disorders.  Have a look.

  • As we know that cats can tolerate the hot weather better than humans so it is always better to avoid cat whiskers costumes that we generally make them wear while going to any party. Make them stay independent in summers in terms of wearing anything on their body. This is vital as unlike dogs, cats won’t like the interference much from humans in this case.
  • Next important point is to keep her away from direct sunlight. Prefer keeping her indoor mostly during summers. As direct sunlight may lead to heat strokes and other heat-related issues.
  • If in case you are finding your cat suffering from any heat-stroke then better to use dampening towels with cold water and try to pat down her head and back, even under the arms and belly. This way, you are not only making her comfortable but also making her immune during long summers ahead. The basic symptoms of heat strokes in them are as follows.
  1. Vomiting
  2. Lethargic outlook
  • Frequent breathing and rapid pulse-rate
  1. Red tongue and mouth
  • The most basic and important point to consider in summer not only for your cat but for every living being is to have plenty of normal drinking water accessible to everyone at home. The water should not be very cold either lukewarm. It should be at room temperature. Even for your feline friend as well, feed her enough water that can help her relieve from any dehydration disorder.
  • The next vital step to take in summer for your feline friend is to have a properly ventilated space at home. Ensure that the windows and doors are opened in abundance. As more the air will come, more will be the oxygen level, which can be beneficial from the health point of view as well.
  • There are many houses in society having outdoor sheds. If such is the case in your home, then better to avoid your cats going there. These sheds get heated quickly which can result in many kinds of heat-related ailments inyour feline friend’s soft body.
  • If in case, your cat suffers from severe heat strokes then to cure it, it’s always recommended to use a mixture of water and alcohol spray on her paw pads and ears. This will circulate cooler blood through her entire body and she will feel highly comfortable.
  • Four-wheelers are common at every home nowadays. And if in case, we have left our feline friend in the car during our trip to somewhere, then prefer opening all the windows. If possible, switch on the Air conditioner to make her feel cooler during extremely harsh summers.
  • Another main consideration is to use sun cream for your friend. Cats with light-colored fur are more likely to be at risk of intense sunburn. Better to apply sun cream to her fur. The Sun protective factor should be high enough as required by humans.
  • Yet another vital step to beat the heat for your feline friend is by wrapping an ice pack in a towel and put it in their favorite sleeping spot. This generally finds it effective during severe extreme summers. As during normal summers, your feline friend might not like such activity from your side.
  • Cats love to roam around freely. They might sleep on floors or on the hammock to enthrall the window view outside. In such a case, let her remain free. As interference in their routine activities may lead to several disorders that can heat its entire body.
  • Ensure that her furs are groomed on a timely basis. Brush her fur avoiding any tangled particle in between. As tangled hair results in several minor disorders as well. Talk to your vet for more information regarding effective brushing techniques for your feline friend.
  • Always better to let the breeze sway to her side by installing a table fan on the floor apart from Air Conditioner or cooler. This will provide low-temperature directional movement to her side.
  • Ensuring that there is plenty of shadows at home. Close all the curtains during the daytime avoiding any type of direct sunlight entering the room.
  • Bonus tip: the sweat glands are located on your cat’s paws. If you find any symptoms of excess sweat coming out. It’s time to replenish the fluid. Change the temperature of the water that needs to be fed to your feline friend. In this way, you are also keeping track of her health.

Final words

These are some of the vital tips to beat the heat for your cat that proves crucial in extremely harsh summers. Still, if you find several symptoms persisting in her related to heat then it’s always advisable to consult the vet. Besides that, your feline friend is self-reliant. She can take care of herself on her own. Still, sometimes cats can’t do everything on their own.

At that point, it is our responsibility to take care of her preventing her from harsh weather conditions. Paws and Whiskers have emerged as a premium platform guiding you through every step related to taking care of your pet animals. Here, you will also find interesting and worthy blogs for your daily needs.

Thanks for your time out here. Have a chill day.