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Histar A successful theme water splash park case, The growth history of the Ugly Duckling!

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The theme area of “Ugly Duckling Adventure World” is a water park theme based on the story background of “Ugly Duckling”. It tells the story of the “ugly duckling” who did not give up on herself when faced with adversity. Instead, she grew and transformed into an elegant and beautiful white swan through her own efforts, optimism, and strength! The entire water park area is divided into five major themed areas: Birthplace, Wandering, Swamp, Ice Lake, and Return, which run through the entire content of the Ugly Duckling fairy tale, allowing visitors to form scene changes and different feelings during the play process, and experience different story situation.

About Ugly Duckling Water Park

The water park uses the Ugly Duckling as the story line of the water splash park, making the landscape scenes more dramatic and diverse. Different areas have water projects with corresponding themes, which run through the entire content of the Ugly Duckling fairy tale, ensuring that every visitor and family who comes to the park can choose the rides that suit you and experience the immersive themed rides.

Entering the water splash park, a wave of joy comes to you. People moved forward unconsciously, as if they were stepping on the beach, facing the tropical atmosphere, and the smiles on their faces gradually spread, ready to plunge into the ocean of joy.

The entrance of the park uses a cute ugly duckling as the theme. The sculpture is surrounded by fountains to create an atmosphere of entering the park, creating a landmark building of a parent-child water park that people will immediately fall in love with. Guangzhou Histar uses design techniques to abstractly restore the scene, so that every visitor to the park can put themselves into it.

The theme area is equipped with splash spray pads, slides, eggshell-shaped photo spots, slides, etc. Adults take photos and let children play in the water and run around as much as they want.

As you swoosh down the slide, the cold water and wind slap on your cheeks, and a burst of refreshment flies by, and the sultry heat of summer disappears in an instant! 

The slide is the favorite attraction for children in the water park. The children pull the climbing rope and take turns climbing up. They can also enjoy the fun brought by the slide while participating in the climbing competition. The children enjoy the coolness in summer and challenge crazy water games

There are not only splash spray pads, water splash pad equipment, but also various water guns, water cannons and other shooting equipment, making the water gun battle about to begin. At this time, the mythical beasts have transformed into brave little warriors, bravely rushing forward despite the “rain of bullets”!

The central area of the water park creates a sunken space by shaping the terrain and enclosing space, attracting children to climb and explore in the changing space of high and low. In the ups and downs, follow your heart and feel the adventure and changes in nature.

The park enhances the play experience of parents and children through lively and bright colors and childlike rides. Cartoon images such as leaves, ducks, and sunflowers are abstracted and transformed into various fun water facilities!

The Ugly Duckling Water House has a distinct theme and can bring children a multi-level experience. There is enough interactive space for children to feel the unique charm of the ugly duckling after its transformation and cheer for joy, and run happily in the water during the water play.

The transformation process of the ugly duckling

Andersen’s Fairy Tales – The Ugly Duckling Water Park is located on Shanghai Road, Pingdu City, Qingdao. As the third in the country and the first in the north (the other two are in Shanghai and Yancheng, Jiangsu) Qingdao Andersen’s Fairy Tales Park is a breakthrough in Pingdu City’s cultural tourism industry. A new “milestone” in development.

In order to fit in with the theme of Andersen’s Fairy Tale Park, blue and white are used as the background color, and many ugly duckling elements are incorporated into the products to echo the theme. Combined with advanced digital technology, the play spaces in each area are designed to create an ugly duckling play route in the park, which meets the play needs of children of different ages and allows tourists to immerse themselves in the fairy tale kingdom. It is also one of the favorite tourist destinations for local citizens.


Birth – Being ignored because of your differences.

It is a check-in spot for Internet celebrities. As soon as you enter the door, you can see a huge mascot with an iconic and fitting theme. You can take a photo and it will be a blockbuster. You no longer have to worry about not having photos to post on social platforms. The recommendation index is five stars.


Swamp – experienced an impressive adventure.

It is an excellent place for leisure and entertainment. While adults are taking a break, children can interact and play with their friends, completely liberating adults and stimulating children’s imagination and playful nature.


Ice Lake – Keep faith and grow into a white swan.

Have a water gun battle with your family and friends. Even if you don’t know how to do it, there will be professionals on hand to teach you and make you a water gun master.

Bloom – return with a new attitude after completing the beautiful transformation.

Bring the children to let themselves go on the pool swings and mazes. All the bad moods will be washed away by the spray. There will be no worries in the world. The cool breeze will lift up the body washed by the water, making the whole person float freely like a butterfly. The recommendation index is six stars.

Why choose Histar Water Park?

In order to comply with the trend of the children’s economic era, we have always focused on “edutainment and entertainment”. Over the years, Histar has been comprehensively studying the comprehensive psychological needs of children for growth, learning, and play. Different from ordinary children’s water park equipment, Histar continues to independently develop and design fashionable, novel, fun and unique equipment styles to meet the high standards and requirements of modern post-90s parents and children for material and spiritual enjoyment. While satisfying the visual experience and fun, we pay more attention to every detail of the product, strive for excellence, and continue to improve product quality.

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