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8 Drinking Habits To Keep Cholesterol Level In Control

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Cholesterol is body fat that our body needs to carry out many functions, and the body produces it in the liver utilizing fats and proteins. However, its excess can be dangerous to health, and it can potentially increase the risk of cardiovascular problems. LDL is a bad cholesterol type, and its level increases in the body with our eating and drinking habits.

Consuming foods too high in saturated and trans fats disturbs the balance of healthy cholesterol in the body. Additionally, recent research suggests that our drinking habits can also significantly increase our blood cholesterol levels. Furthermore, this might also cause a decrease in good cholesterol levels in the blood.

Drinking Habits To Adopt

According to the CDC, quite a large number of US adults have cholesterol levels that can negatively impact health and increase the risk of cardiovascular issues. We are quite familiar that consuming foods rich in saturated or trans fats can increase cholesterol levels.

Other than that, research suggests that drinking too many sugary drinks can also cause an increase in blood cholesterol. Therefore, in addition to diet, another way to keep control of cholesterol levels is through managing your drinking habits.

  1. Add More Water

One of the simplest things a person can do to keep control of cholesterol level is to increase his routine water intake. Our body consists mostly of water, and when there is an inadequate water level in the body, then it could result in decreased blood volume and increased arterial pressure.

In 2015 researchers gave drinking water mixed with catechism to rats consuming a saturated diet. After about one and half months, they noticed a decrease in cholesterol levels from 14% and 30% in the two groups under study. Thus encourage your routine water intake as it is generally very good for the circulatory system and helps to reduce risks associated with it.

  1. Cut Out Alcohol

Alcohol can not only increase cholesterol levels but is also believed to increase triglycerides in the blood. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention lists cutting down alcohol as an effective way to manage cholesterol levels. Excessive alcohol might immediately cause a spike in blood pressure, and it is generally bad for cardiovascular health.

In America, states facilitate recovery options to their residents. In Chicago, more than 1.1 million are into drug abuse, including alcohol. This is a huge figure, and it can significantly raise many health issues among the natives. Based on the need, the state provides a number of rehab facilities in Chicago to help those struggling with addiction.

  1. Add Some Orange Juice

Though the general idea is to eat fruit but adding some orange juice to your routine can play a wonderful role in keeping in control of your cholesterol level. Experts believe that orange juice not only helps to reduce the level of bad cholesterol LDL in the blood, but it is also very helpful to control diastolic blood pressure.

Thus, adding it a bit to your routine can bring you many benefits but, be careful of the quantity. You do not need to consume an excess of it. Only a moderate level of it is sufficient to do the job for you.

  1. Cut Out Daily Sodas

Soda drinks are carbonated drinks packed with sugar. Despite this, it is one of the unhealthiest beverages; people often consume it in excess. Cutting out on soda drinks can also help to keep control of cholesterol levels. Excessive consumption of soda drinks can also trigger weight issues. Thus, to stay in good shape and to maintain a healthy weight, one should refrain from soda drinks.

Studies suggest that people who regularly drink sweetened beverages as sodas have a 98% higher risk of low HDL cholesterol as compared to infrequent consumers of it. Thus, it is a good idea to cut out sugar-loaded soda drinks and adopt healthy substitutes. This will promote HDL cholesterol and simultaneously keep LDL cholesterol low.  

  1. Add Some Green Tea

Green tea is rich in strong antioxidants such as catechism that can play a wonderful job in keeping control of cholesterol levels. Studies found that regular intake of green tea lowers down the LDL cholesterol and boosts the level of HDL cholesterol in normal, overweight and obese people.

In addition, it helps to boost immunity, manage weight and elevate metabolism. Green tea is health benefits, and you can have countless other health benefits through its regular intake. Black tea can also help manage cholesterol levels but is not as effective as green tea.

  1. Soy Milk

Low in saturated fat, soy milk can help you keep control of cholesterol levels. One simple move of replacing full-fat milk and creamers with soy milk can do the job for you and help you reduce LDL cholesterol.

Consuming soy protein as part of your low-fat diet can help you get desired health outcomes. It can play a beneficial role in not only controlling cholesterol levels but general cardiovascular health.

  1. Oat Drinks

Oat drinks such as oat milk are rich in beta-glucans. Beta-glucan is sticky in texture and is more like a gel that inhibits the absorption of cholesterol. Studies suggest that oat milk is more effective in reducing cholesterol levels as compared to the solid or semi-solid form of oats.

  1. Berries Smoothie

Berries smoothies abundantly supply antioxidants and fiber, both of which effectively help to control cholesterol levels. With more soluble fiber, less cholesterol is absorbed in the blood, and antioxidants play a vital role in keeping bad cholesterol to its lowest possible level. Berries are low caloric and low fat, so that you can consume them without any serious harm.

Take Away

Drinking habits do have an influence over cholesterol levels in the body. Managing our drinking habits can help to keep cholesterol levels too. Make sure that you take more drinks that play a helpful role in keeping bad cholesterol levels to their lowest level.

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