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250W UFO Led high bay light for your warehouse

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Specification of 250W LED High Bay Light

Wattage 250W
Luminous Flux 35000LM
Color Temperature 5000K
Material Die-cast aluminum + ABS Lens


Input Voltage AC100V 110V 120V 60Hz.
Equivalents 1000W HPS/HM
Beam Angle 120°
Plug included 1.5M cable with 3-Pin USA Plug and a safety


# Excellent Heat Dissipation#

Designed with ventilation radiator, which can speed up heat dissipation, increased the light effect, as well as effectively extend the life span. It is IP65, operating temperature is -20℃~ +45℃, environment humidity is 40-90%RH, suitable for damp or wet locations.

#Safe and convenient#

With US hook, 5FT Cable with 3-Pin USA Plug, make the installation much easier. As well as provided a safety rope which makes the use much safe.

#Widely Application#

It is the best lighting for Warehouse, Exhibition hall, airport, GYM, Natatorium, gymnasium, logistics center and so on

Idea of how to choose the 250W High Bay Led Lights for your projects

Have you ever had these doubts?


  • How many high bay light need to use for your warehouse/Shop/Garage/Barn….?
  • What wattage need to use?
  • What is the best installation height for each wattage?
  • I have a 50′ x 50′ x 16′ tall shop, would like to know what style of light and how many I should buy for the most cost efficient and best lighting?
  • I have a building that is 25 meters long by 15 meters wide. My ceiling hight is 6 meters. What size light and what spacing would you recommend?


Don’t worry, Lightdot team will help you!

The above figure is good for preliminary reference.

Of course, different projects have different requirements, just give us your detail requirements, our engineer will provide you free DIAlux light layout service based on your requirements, which could help you get more projects easily.

Idea For Warehouse/Shop/Workshop/Barn…..

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